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Smart Updates WordPress Tool

Smart Updates is a premium feature available in WordPress Toolkit 3.x and later. It helps you keep your production websites up-to-date without the risk of breaking your website. Smart Updates analyses the potential consequences of installing updates and advises you whether doing so is safe.

Smart updates does the following in a WordPress instance to ensure it gets updated without breaking it:

  1. Clones the instance, and then analyses the clone and takes screenshots of the website’s pages (including dynamic content and carousels).
  2. Updates the clone, analyses it again, and then takes screenshots of the website’s pages again.
  3. Calculates how much the clone visually changed after the update and compares the result with a threshold predefined by you.
  4. With manual updates, Smart Updates shows you the “before” and “after” screenshots and the estimation whether it is safe to update or not. Here you can compare the screenshots, confirm whether you believe it is safe to update, and then decide whether to update the production website or not.
  5. With automatic updates, Smart Updates automatically updates the production website if the amount of changes does not exceed the threshold. Otherwise the update is not performed. In both cases, you receive an email with the results of analysis and the “before” and “after” screenshots. Same as with manual updates, you are encouraged to confirm whether you believe it is safe to update.
  6. Based on your responses, Smart Updates analyzes each update using artificial intelligence.
  7. This makes Smart Update better at predicting safe updates and minimizes the possibility of installing updates that can break your website.

NOTE: It is recommended that you backup your WordPress website before using the tool.

With Smart Updates purchased and activated, you can enable it by:

  1. Go to WordPress and choose the instance for which you want to enable Smart Update. On the instance card, click “View” next to “Updates”.
  2. Toggle on Smart Update.
  3. Click Settings, select the "strict", "recommended", or "tolerant" policy, and then click OK. The chosen policy will determine how much the website can change after the installation of updates for Smart Updates to consider updating safe.