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How to Create a Public Folder in Office 365 Exchange Online

Public folders in exchange online are used to share information with other people in your organization. The content is organized in hierarchy which makes browsing very easier.

In this article, we will look into the method of creating a public folder in Exchange online in Office 365. 

Creating a Public Folder

  1. Open portal.office.com  in your favorite browser
  2. Login with global administrator account
  3. Go to admin center
  4. In admin center dashboard, expand Admin centers and then click on Exchange 


5. In Exchange Admin Center, click on public folder mailboxes.


6. Click plus sign to create public folder mailbox



7. Provide the name to new public folder mailbox and then click Save. During warning, click OK



8. While staying in Exchange Admin Center, click public folders.



10. In Exchange admin center, select the public folder. In the right pane, click Enable to enable the mail settings. During warning, click Yes.


 11. Again in the right pane, click Manage to add user(s) who will have an access to this public folder. Click on plus sign 

 12. Click on Browse and add the user whom you want to give access to public folder. Assign the appropriate permissions by checking or unchecking the boxes. When you are done, click Save.


 13. Click on Save again.


 Adding Public Folder to Outlook Web App 

  1. Open Outlook in Office 365
  2. In the left side pane, right-click Favorites and then click ‘Add public folder to Favorites’


3. Choose the folder and then click ‘Add to Favorites’





4. The public folder will be visible in Favorites